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Roll off containers VS dumpster trailers

Roll-off containers VS dumpster trailers

Over the past few years dump trailers have started becoming more popular amongst the dumpster rental industry due to their versatility. They can be put in places where a traditional roll-off container may not be able to fit and since they stay on the rubber tires they're also more driveway friendly which makes them great for customers who are concerned about surface scratches on the surface underneath them. Lastly they're also a great solution for some HOA communities that may not allow roll off containers but could allow a trailer on the property for a short period of time. There's really only one downside to dump trailers as far as the customers are concerned but it's unfortunately a big one and that is, that they're hard to load. Because they sit on the rubber tires means they are around three to four feet high above the ground and that means in order to load them with household junk and debris you actually have to climb up inside them all while carrying whatever you're trying to place inside of them and then of course climb back out afterwards which becomes very repetitive and frustrating in fact it can make your task a lot harder and take twice as long. So while in some cases they are necessary we only recommend them if they're the only option for your particular situation. By now you're probably wondering what the price difference is between a roll off container and a dump trailer and the short answer is that as far as rental prices go they are the same price. We know this because we offer both styles of dumpsters but again we only recommend a dump trailer to our customers if it's one hundred percent necessary. Our roll off containers actually sit at ground level and have doors on the back of them so you can walk right into them with ease and that's as convenient as it gets when it comes to loading any kind of disposal receptacle. We've written this article along with a few more just like it on our social media platforms in an effort to educate consumers before you make a decision about what kind of dumpster is right for your situation, The way we see it is that an educated consumer makes for a very happy customer experience because you know exactly what you're getting and what to expect. If you're interested in renting any kind of trash bin, roll off dumpster or dump trailer feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have, even if you don't rent from us we're still happy to help.


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